About us

Trostle & Associates, LTD. is a nationally recognized business consulting firm offering a complete range of consulting and training services to organizations who value exceptional customer contact.

Carol Trostle founded the company in 1997 with the mission of increasing clients’ productivity and profitability by addressing the complexity of customer contact centers’ unique operating environment. The foundation for the company is Ms. Trostle’s decades of prior experience building and managing award-winning customer service functions. Today, combining state-of-the-art technology with best-practice business solutions against a backdrop of increasingly sophisticated customer expectations is ever more challenging—and Trostle and Associates has the vision and expertise to recommend and implement customer contact and business solutions that really work.

Our proven methodology for building and implementing customer contact solutions addresses four key areas: people, customers, operations, and technology. Underpinning all these areas is a rigorous focus on quality, with a keen eye to ensuring return on investment.

Carol Trostle

Owner and Founder
Carol has over 25 years experience building and managing award winning, customer-focused call center operations. She is recognized as a hands-on leader in the field of customer contact. Carol’s proven expertise in successful contact center programs has led to consulting engagements in a variety of industries, including healthcare, utilities, financial and food service. She is a sought after advisor for companies that want to enhance service quality and win new customers while reducing cost.

As an expert in her field, Carol is often asked to speak at industry conferences and has been a featured writer for trade publications such as CallCenter.com. Her business articles have been featured in The San Antonio Business Journal.

Carol has served on the Professional Teleservice Management Association (PTMA) Board of Directors for 7 years, including two terms as president.  She is affiliated with JD Power & Associates as an Auditor for their Contact Center Certification Program.

Trostle Partners:

Richard Trachtenberg

Contact Center Consultant 
Richard has a solid history of growing and managing contact centers and customer support facilities. He supports the Trostle team as our consultant for telephony, CRM and Internet projects. He specializes in engagements with telecommunications clients to enhance their technical support functions. He is a co-founder and past chair of the Austin Call Center Alliance, and he holds a bachelor’s degree from Wesleyan University and a Masters degree from the University of Texas.

Kate Hayward

Curriculum Design and Development
Kate was retained by Trostle & Associates to lead the project team that developed The Business of Leadership™, a two-part course designed to transition new managers and management candidates into successful leadership roles. As a leader in the design and facilitation of problem solving, focus groups and strategy sessions using the latest social technologies, Kate recently managed the layout and design of a custom three-course program for one of our clients.

In addition to partnering with Trostle & Associates, Kate is President of Sticky Knowledge, an Instructional Design Consultant Firm in Spring Branch Texas. She has extensive experience in the design of instructional software for authoring, delivery, administration and content management of online courseware.

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