Business Training Services

Your business is only as good as those working for you. To optimally build and operate your business, your employees need to be given the training and tools they need to succeed. Our training programs are tailored and customized to fit your organization and specific business vision and values.

Training Courses

  • Business Tools for Front Line Leaders – A series of Three Powerful Workshops

    • Effective Business Decisions
    • Engaging Agents
    • You as a Business Leader

    Intended Audience: Front Line Managers responsible for managing team performance and Team Leaders preparing for management roles
    Course Duration: Each monthly workshop is conducted from 8:30 AM to 1:00 PM
    Course Description: Contact centers are frequently asked to increase profit, improve productivity and reduce turnover. This unique workshop series is designed to develop business skills needed to align team performance with company business goals by making business focused decisions. Participants will learn techniques to uncover agent passions and apply those passions to business goals. Through highly interactive sessions, Front Line Leaders will blend people and financials as they map the big picture and establish collaborative connections with other business units serving the customer. Participants will leave with an action plan and tools after each workshop to apply in the workplace. This series is a must if you want to reduce turnover, increase productivity and profits while increasing focus on the customer.
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  • The Business of Leadership™

    Intended Audience: Supervisors, Team Leaders, New Managers and employees preparing for a promotion or a new career with your company
    Course Duration: One week of full-day classes or two weeks of half-day classes
    Course Description: A sound business strategy is incomplete without successful leaders to implement the plan. This two-part course is for service-focused companies who want to transition team members into leadership roles or have new managers. The Business of Leadership can be taught in our classroom or yours, and can be completed in one week or spread out into two weeks, depending on your preference. Learn more about The Business of Leadership >>

  • Four Steps to Sales™

    Intended Audience: Customer service employees with selling or upselling responsibilities
    Course Duration: 5-6 hours in one day or one hour classes for 5-6 days
    Course Description: One of the greatest challenges in customer service is adding sales to a job description. Employees can be very service-oriented and have wonderful communication skills but become uncomfortable when they are asked to sell customers additional products or services. This course was developed to train existing employees to feel confident and comfortable when selling through four steps:

    1. Get the facts.
    2. Make a recommendation.
    3. Overcome objections.
    4. Close the sale.
  • Customized Training

    Our training products are designed to be applicable to a variety of industries and business units within those industries, but sometimes clients require customized programs targeting specific goals. Through the use of assessments and process maps from participating business units, we offer client-specific custom training curriculum, developed by designers with years of experience in adult education. Customized training can be developed for executive workshops, customer service or sales employees, and leadership roles. Training programs can be delivered by our highly qualified instructors in a classroom, online or as a blended course, or we can train your trainers.


Our training courses are available in multiple flexible formats, and can be taught on-site or at our location. Trostle & Associates works with your schedule to determine the ideal format for your business. The pricing varies depending on how the class is tailored, and all materials are included. Contact us for more information on flexible schedule options and pricing.