Case Studies

We have had the honor of working with companies of all sizes in a number of different industries. Each client is faced with unique challenges and barriers, and we create custom solutions to help them succeed.


Call Center Consulting and Training
When KCI decided to centralize many of their operations, Trostle & Associates provided both training and consulting. We set up a call center, ensured it operated according to best practices, and developed a Leadership Training Program.

Trostle & Associates also developed a training program for all departments impacted by the transition and trained the KCI Trainers. Serving as an interim call center manager, Carol assisted with the recruiting, selection and transitioning of a candidate into a leadership role. As KCI grew and expanded the service center, there was a need for qualified leaders. Trostle & Associates worked with the KCI team to develop a training program designed to successfully transition staff members to leadership roles.

“Our front line leaders now have an understanding of the elements that drive successful organizations. Now can make decisions armed with practical and easy to use tools and resources. Making the commitment to have them attend was not easy, but it was one of the best decisions we have made.”
– Thomas Frausto, Senior Manager, KCI


Contact Center Development
Tesoro had successfully developed a Shared Services Department incorporating accounts payable, billing and cash functions, but they needed a an interactive support center to make these services available to customers.

Trostle & Associates worked as part of the project team to develop the Tesoro Service Center. This project included the implementation of CRM, staffing, writing policies and procedures, and brought all customer transactions into one state-of-the-art service center. Implementation not only reduced the cost of transaction processing but it enhanced relationships with customers and suppliers, and ensures consistent responses to all incoming requests related to billing, payables, customer service and employee support.

La Quinta

Increase Employee Retention and Training Program Restructure
La Quinta was spending time and money training new employees who did not hold their positions in the company for long. Trostle & Associates was brought in to review the training program to determine if it was the cause for employees leaving.

Trostle & Associates facilitated an independent employee feedback program and presented a plan to LaQuinta Executives for an employee retention program. In addition, the Trostle team restructured the training program and served as leadership coaches. La Quinta’s employee satisfaction has risen, which increased both productivity and sales.

“I highly recommend Carol and her company, Trostle & Associates LTD. Her knowledge and expertise helped our Hotel Company Call Center build successful leaders in our Management Team. Her training of our sales agents increased sales, productivity and profitability, while building a strong team environment within the Call Center Operation.”
– Jacalyn Burke – Former VP Call Center Services with La Quinta Management LLC

University Health System

Improve Satisfaction Through Employee Training
Challenged with a high demand for appointments and busy appointment schedules, University Health System’s CareLink customer service employees needed some assistance in dealing with overwhelming patient requests. Trostle & Associates evaluated and overhauled call scripts and designed a custom workshop which was conducted weekly for employees to learn and practice techniques. Our strategic approach resulted in increased patient and employee satisfaction.

Desert Glory

Customer Service Trained to Sell
Desert Glory’s customer service employees are presented with sales opportunities based on product supply. Hired for their ability to effectively communicate with customers, these employees had not held sales positions before, and Desert Glory needed to provide them with a service-to-sales training program. Trostle & Associates provided Desert Glory employees with our “Four Steps to Sales” program, and they are now more confident in approaching a sales opportunity.

“Carol Trostle did a Lunch & Learn Training Program for our company and the results were fantastic. This training was for a customer service team and we couldn’t be away from our desk for any length of time, so to have the class for one to one and a half hour during lunch was the only way we could complete the training. We saw immediate results from the sessions and continue to see the steps being used today.”
– Sheila Sotello, Desert Glory

Summit Home Medical Equipment

Employee Development Program
Summit Home Medical Equipment hired Trostle & Associates to map all business processes to ensure efficiency, effectiveness and compliance with federal and state health care equipment and supplies regulations. Trostle & Associates developed a three-course training program using the enhanced process maps, and incorporated Summit’s online training program into the newly developed Summit Professional Development Program. Implementation of these programs resulted in a transfer of knowledge with consistent materials and activities for Summit’s customer service and billing team members. The programs not only impact the level of customer satisfaction, but demonstrate Summit’s commitment to employee development.

“Carol is an incredible business woman. She is doing a fantastic job at mapping our business processes and creating training programs for our customer service and billing departments. I only wish she worked with us full-time!”
– Shawn McCormick, CEO Summit Home Medical Equipment


Help Desk Efficiency Assessment
HEB wanted to ensure their help desk was operating based on best practices in the industry, so Trostle & Associates was brought in for a full assessment. We developed a plan to utilize their reporting systems to their full potential and designed a strategic plan for implementation.

Trostle & Associates also assessed HEB’s customer relations group by looking at their processes from the customer’s point of view. After analyzing our findings, we were able to provide recommendations for streamlining some processes.

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