Consulting Services

We Focus on People, Technology and Operations
For any business to operate at optimal efficiency, customers, employees, technology and operations are the determining factors. Trostle & Associates works side-by-side with you and your team to define productivity and profitability objectives and to develop strategic approaches to achieve these objectives.

If you are running a customer service center, or if you are considering the need for one, efficiency is top priority. We build and implement customized solutions tailored to your unique business goals.

Our Approach

Complimentary Exploratory Meeting

We begin our process with an exploratory meeting, during which we formulate a picture of your challenges, opportunities and goals. We spend time getting to know you and your current business structure to determine how we can add value to your customer and employee relationships. We gather information and provide you with clear directions and recommendations for your business. From here, Trostle & Associates can move forward with a Peak Performance Review and implementation of solutions.

Peak Performance Review™

For our Peak Performance Review, we spend one to three days onsite and review your operations, people, technology systems and customer feedback tools. Within ten days of this review, we provide you with a comprehensive report containing:

  • Observations and recommendations for achieving and maintaining peak performance
  • List of “Quick Wins”, or action items that can be quickly set into motion for fast results at minimal cost
  • The framework for a Strategic Plan to reach peak performance and profitability

Customized Solutions
Once we’ve reviewed and evaluated your operations, we create a unique customized plan. There are many different approaches for optimizing performance, such as:

  • Business process mapping and re-design. By evaluating every step of a process, looking at who each step goes to and what they do with the information, we identify gaps – areas you can save time and make things easier. We then provide recommendations for ways to re-design the process to make it run more efficiently.
  • Customer experience mapping. We look at the company from the outside in by reviewing and evaluating customer transactions. We provide recommendations on ways to improve this experience and overall customer satisfaction with unique customer retention programs.
  • Quality assurance programs. We can develop a new program or evaluate your current process. We assess and evaluate current standards of performance and customer feedback tools for a total quality score.
  • Performance management programs. Working with your leadership team, we review current standards of performance both at an individual and team level. We then compare the results with industry best practices and make recommendations for enhancements to the program.
  • Workforce management. Our consultants have years of hands on experience with forecasting and scheduling systems. We can help you get the most from your existing technology or help you evaluate alternative solutions.
  • Technology evaluations. The technology you use represents the second highest cost of operating a service center. We can help you discover and maximize the features you have or evaluate alternative solutions. Our technology experts have years of experience as users as well as technical backgrounds. Trostle & Associates is vendor-neutral, so we look at all products on the market.

Outsourced Call Center Solutions

Maybe you don’t have a call center or customer service center, but you’ve considered expanding due to increased customer call volume, or you may need assistance with seasonal spikes in call volume. You may be a good candidate for outsourcing your calls. If you would like your customers to have 24-hour access to a call representative, but you are only open 8am – 5pm, we can help outsource your after hours calls. Trostle & Associates has established partnerships with award winning service providers, and can work with you to evaluate your ideal solution and manage the transition. Contact us for more information.

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